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Paris Travel Tips: Mistakes to avoid before travelling to Paris

Paris was never my dream destination hence the expectation was low, may be that’s why I was not disappointed when I visited Paris. However, I have seen many of my friends get sad after their first trip to Paris. I see them doing so many things wrong in their first time trip to Paris, I decided to come up with my Paris Travel Tips so that you’re trip is enjoyable. Here are list of mistakes you should avoid when your are planning to Paris trip.

Thinking Paris will be Romantic

You shouldn’t come to Paris with this whole Hollywood narrative of Paris is the most romantic city in the world. It is beautiful but it is one of the big cities in the world. Hence it comes with all the big city problems. You should visit being aware about crowded trains, dirty streets, pick pocketing and the scams running in the city.

Paris Travel Tips is to avoid Making it all about Eiffel Tower

There is more to Paris than the Eiffel Tower. You should see other part of the city with equal importance as Eiffel Tower. If Eiffel Tower is your bucket list destination, then I will recommend you to see it when it lights up at night and glitters hourly. That is the most beautiful moment to see Eiffel Tower. If you are planning to get up the Eiffel Tower, then make sure you buy tickets online. If you are planning to buy the ticket on spot, be prepared to stand in the queue for hours.

Thinking Paris is Safe

Paris is not safe. You can never let your guard down, as long as you keep that in mind you will be safe. If you are travelling from India, then treat Paris same way you will travel in big cities in India. You need to take care of your belongings at all times. You should be aware of all the tourist traps and do not engage in them. If you are not saying in the zone 1 and you are taking public transport for your commute, then make sure your hotel is closer to the metro stations. If not then take a cab if you are travelling at night, avoid walking if you are alone.

Not Enjoying by the Sienne River

In our Paris Travel tips we highly recommend that you take a moment in your trip and sit by the Sienne river. This will give you a true local experience. We did this just by chance seeing other locals doing it. It is quite common for locals to sit by the river a little far away from Eiffel Tower with some snacks and drinks. We had the most amazing time sitting by the river enjoying our food and drink during sunset and watching the Eiffel Tower glitter. We highly recommend you try the same too.

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Paris Travel Tips to Walk around the streets of Paris

I feel the biggest mistake we do is take the metro everywhere and don’t bother to walk at all. Yes I did say not to walk alone especially at night. I remember that. Hear me out. You can walk by the river from Bir Hakim bridge to Notre Damn, it’s safe and beautiful. This is our Paris travel tips of the day is to walk as much as you can than taking the metro from one destination to other.

Paris is like Instagram worthy everywhere

The first time we went to Paris, it looked nothing like the pictures we see on the instagram. We arrived at Orly airport and chose to stay near that. We were staying near Villejuif area and it looked nothing like Paris. It looked like a modern any other city, till you take the train to the center of Paris. Our tip will be to get yourself prepared to come across areas in and around Paris that looks nothing close to the gram.

Paris Travel Tips on Not Wearing my sexiest clothes in Paris

I research a lot before travelling to any place and so I did for Paris. That is when I bumped into a youtube video of locals suggesting to avoid common mistakes as tourist. I came to know about the fashion mistakes to avoid in Paris if you are travelling. I was prepared but not fully though and they were right. Paris is fashion capital of the world, but in chic and classy way. It is common to pack you most fashionable and sexy clothes for your travel to Paris, but don’t. Unless you are a fashion influencer you don’t need to wear your most fashionable outfit. I realised during my trip that shoulder covered tops/dresses or no cleavage showing clothes are more common with locals. You can on the other hand wear shorts, mini skirts was also quite common. I was stared at e cleavage that was showing even in the t-shirt I wore in the picture, which I didn’t expect. Again, correct me if I am wrong cause these are absolutely from my own experience. Parisians are well dressed, but more in a classy way than very bright, sexy, colourful way. If you want to blend in with the crowd then this is what you want. Last, but not the least is chuck that red beret in your visit they literally scream out loud that you are tourist and attracts undue attention.

Not greeting in French

People in Paris are very proud of their culture and language, so most of the time they speak French. You will often get a reply in French, even if they know or understand English, even in hotels, airports etc. If you don’t speak French then this can be very overwhelming. So, It is best you learn at least few phrases of French and get familiar with the language. If you start greeting even with ‘Bonjour’, it helps in the conversation and makes locals feel that you are respecting their culture. This small tip will really help you to have a great French experience in Paris.

If I have missed something and you have something to add please feel free to comment on this post.

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