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South Africa, A country so beautiful and rich, that it can make most touristy destinations in the world run for its money. South Africa has it all, starting from mountains, beaches, city life and wild life. If you want to explore the country, then no better way than going on a road trip. This blogpost will be your South Africa Road Trip Planner.

Why road trip to South Africa?

South Africa is beautiful in every nooks and corner and by going on a road trip you can explore on your own at your own pace. However, not all places are well connected with public transport. In this case, it cost effective to drive on your own. Most important point is Garden Route, one of the best scenic routes in the world to drive. In our South Africa Road trip planner we will highly recommend you to drive in South Africa.

When to plan a road trip to South Africa?

Kruger Landscape

South Africa has chilled winters. The winter months are June to August, when temperature falls almost 5 degree centigrade in Johannesburg. The best time to travel, will be summer months from October to April. The temperature is hot in mid-day but cools off by evening.

How to reach South Africa?

One need to fly into South Africa. Most international flights to South Africa lands in Johannesburg O.R. Tambo international airport via Dubai or Seychelles or Mauritius. If you are located in India, then you might get plenty of cheaper flight options from Mumbai city.

What is South African Currency?

South African currency is known as Rand. You can use US$, as it is widely accepted in the country. Ideally you prebook activities and stays in advance. However you can carry few Rands for Petrol pumps and in takeaways.

What are the visa process of South Africa?

South Africa is currently working on issuing eVisa for travel purpose. Till it starts properly you need to get into South African Consulate to submit visa details to acquire your South Africa travel visa. Few of the countries do not require any visa to travel in South Africa, you can check out here if your country is listed.

If you are Indian you will need to get your tourist visa from the embassy via vfs global. You will need confirmed return flight tickets, photographs and proof of stay for the visa.

Is South Africa Safe to Travel?

Absolutely, If you find roaming around in deserted area in New York safe then South Africa is safe too. Yes, there are few areas can be remote and dodgy. There are occasional loots recorded with travellers. So, here are our tips: choose accommodations wisely, use Uber in case partying, avoid roaming around at night exploring the city lanes. In case staying in a deserted area, preferable to pack dinner and eat at your hotel/ home-stays. Always keep car windows rolled up and if you have any bags or items keep it in the car boot instead of passenger seat. These are the safety tips from our South Africa road trip planner if you adhere to you will be safe.

Where to Stay in South Africa?

Staying in South Africa will not be a challenge as the country have plethora of options to chose from. Starting from exorbitant luxurious resorts to backpacker hostels, the country has it all. We recommend the AirBnBs for your stay as its way cheaper and way better experience the country can offer.

Book your AirBnBs from here.

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Getting Around in South Africa?

South Africa has minimal to no public transport. There are few shared cabs run for locals from one place to another, which might not be advisable to use for your travel commute. There are few options to take the bus for longer routes, but for sightseeing you will have to hike or have a car rental. If you are in Cape Town, you might get two wheeler rentals and sight seeing groups to go with. Apart from that if you are really want to explore the country best bet is use Car rentals. The rental costs ₹5000 per day almost same cost as car rentals in India.

Where to Eat in South Africa?

If you are in South Africa you will not miss any type of food. You can get any cuisine of your choice in the small towns and cities. South Africa has a lot many Indian residents, so getting Indian food will not be a challenge either.

There are few dishes you should try like bunny chow (bread in mutton/chicken/veg gravy), Sam with mutton gravy and Game meat ( dried/ cooked impala/croc meat)

Mobile network in South Africa?

South African restaurants, home-stays, backpackers have free wifi so to be honest you will not need any internet plan for sure. It’s mandatory to download google offline map that helps you to navigate without any internet. You need to have a local sim card for phone calls to connect with you hosts in home-stays or connecting to any help in road trip like car breakdown.

What to expect from your road trip to South Africa?


South Africa has many mountains which you can hike or trek. Drakensberg is one of the famous one on South Africa to camp or spend a day or two. Cape town also has beautiful mountain ranges. One of the worlds natural wonder Table Mountain is in Capetown. Therefore, you can choose to hike Lions Head or Table mountain as well in Cape Town.


South Africa is beach lovers heaven. You get the best of two oceans Indian ocean, South Atlantic Ocean. On this road trip there are plenty of stretches where you will have coast line along the road. Wild coast is famous for road trip in South Africa. If you are a beach lover and like surfing then you should checkout Wild coast a surfers paradise.


If you want to experience a real African Safari and don’t want to put a whole in your pocket then you got to experience Kruger National Park Wildlife Safari. You can see all the animals in a self drive safari and if lucky can spot the Big five.

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If you seek adventure while you travel then this country is for you. There are many adventure activities like sky diving, bungee jumping, whale watching and shark cage diving, you name it they have it all.

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